Cold Hearts

A visual novel about dating refrigerators,
loneliness and the meaning of life.

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Have you ever felt like you don't belong? Unable to find your place in this strange world?

Surrounded by people you don't connect with, doing daily tasks that don't seem to fit you. Hell, even picking groceries and clothes based on what you think a "decent" human being would choose...

Living the life of an entirely different person, with no way to change it.

This is my reality since Father died. I wasn't ready for this. I wasn't ready for anything except a night spent lying on the couch with a bag of chips, watching TV... or week-long video game grinding sessions.

I wasn't paying attention when he tried to teach me how to pay taxes or how to run your own company. I didn't even notice when he became sick.

Suddenly, everything changed. It felt like I was being slapped in the face with reality. Sadness, grief, guilt — I went through all those phases, trying to accept the fact that he's gone forever.

But I never really did.

When I try to sleep, dark thoughts haunt me, showing me the worst moments of my life, revealing endless anxieties and my deepest fears. I tried counting sheep, but the only thing that really helps is a quick trip to the kitchen to grab something sweet from my fridge.

And so we live together in the harmony and balance of a regular schedule, me and my fridge. Every night I come to visit her to ease my worried mind and then I go back to sleep. Except for one night...

The night when my fridge came to me.

Meet (some of) the fridges

Your own fridge

You were used to putting meat into her on a daily basis when all of a sudden, she started talking to you. Surprisingly, she doesn't complain and remains the sweetest, most reliable appliance in your kitchen. She can store a lot, and so can her heart!

Your best friend's fridge

Once the best place to store beer, now she yells at you everytime you come near. Sure, she might not have seen your best side, but you don't deserve this kind of treatment do you? Will you be able to melt her ice dispenser? Time will tell...

Your business partner's fridge

Your future depends on having a good, working relationship with Mr Ibiki, but how can you focus on making money when his fridge is so stunning?! She's elegant, posh and isn't going to fall for your tricks. Is there a mystery hidden behind her perfectly maintained lashes? You're too focused on her personalities to tell.

"Will change your internet search history forever."


"Outstar, this is what you do with your life?!"


"(...) It puts it on a level above the others, since those are taken mostly for the joke. Cold Hearts so far is like a real story."


"I knew she was the love of my life the day I plugged her in."


"It's a delightful VN concept, I'm hoping the game is full of freezer puns."

Joe Mirabello

"Welcome to internet, where dreams about fridge games come true and you didn't even know you want them."


"Your ex's heart is no longer the coldest thing around"

Krzysztof Zabiegliński

"You'll never look at your fridge the same way again."


"A whole new meaning to cold shoulder."


"If you're new to dating sims, Cold Hearts really breaks the ice."


"A love story that will give you chills."


Martyna Zych


Outstar's mom taught her to play Giana Sisters on Commodore 64 when she was two (Outstar, not her mom), but it was a long road working on dating sites and being a tattoo artist before she realized games should be a part of her work life too. She’s worked on Witcher 3, hidden object games (Eventide) and made a few smaller games herself.

Currently, she works as the Twitch coordinator and influencer outreach for, streams daily as a Twitch partner and makes her own games. For Cold Hearts, she makes art, music and writes storylines.

Christian Beckhäuser


Chris grew up with a burning passion for video games and the technology behind them. Always looking to try new things, he created a source port for the MS-DOS games Descent 1 & 2 called DXX-Rebirth, which ignited his interest in programming. Additionally he launched his own gaming show Memories in 8Bit on Youtube and streams on Twitch for

This twisted road made Chris take the leap to become a freelancer for indies. He provided QA support for Tower Of Guns by Terrible Posture Games and still works with the developer on a new, yet unannounced game. For Cold Hearts, he writes parts of the story and takes care of the scripting/programming.

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